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1) Who are the Developers?
Doug Crowe, Rob Alexander & Sean Moffatt

2) Are there specific house plans I have to choose from?
No, but there are Architectural Guidelines

3) Who will design and build my unit?
You may use a designer or builder of your choice. However, the builder must be NHBRC registered.

4) How long will it take to build my house?
 Realistically about six to nine months

5) Can I build a swimming pool on my site?

6) What finishes can I use in my house?
Internal Finishes are up to Purchaser. The Architectural Committee has an oversight function in terms of external finishes.

7) Is the development going to be landscaped?
 Yes the entrance will be and already some sixty trees have been planted

8) Where will my visitors be allowed to park?
 At the purchaser’s house or the gatehouse

9) How would my visitors gain access?
Visitors who would like to explore the Estate with a view to building a home are welcome to make an appointment with our Sales Office. Residents are required to alert Security that they are expecting a visitor. All visitors are required to sign in on arrival and sign out when they leave.

10) How will I dispose of household waste and garden refuse?
 Bin area at the gate, collected once a week

11) Can I rent my house to short and long term tenants?
 Yes, but preferably long term tenants

12) Who is responsible for the maintenance of the property?
 Home Owners Association are responsible for the open spaces plus the verges and the individual homeowners for their gardens

13) May I employ a live-in Domestic Worker?
 Yes, but no standalone servant’s quarters, must be integral to the house

14) Do I have to pay a levy and what does it cover?
 Yes – covers maintenance and security

15) Will I be able to install a satellite dish and/or aerials?
 Yes, but they must be painted the same colour as walls

16) Will I be able to keep pets on my property?
 Yes – as per the River Goose Estate Rules and Regulations.

17) How secure is the estate?
 Electric Fenced, 24 hr guards and armed response.

18) What type of sewerage disposal will the estate use?
 Septic tank

19) When can I start building my home?
The plans of your new home need to be approved by the River Goose Architectural Review Committee, once they have been approved they will go to uMngeni Municipality for final approval.

20) How flexible are the house plans?
Click here to see the River Goose Architectural Code

21) May I run a business from my home?
 Permission from Home Owners Association to be sought

22) May I fence my garden?

23) Who will administer the development?
The Home Owners Association